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Climate crisis of Puducherry

At the Glasgow meeting last year, PM #NarendraModi made five promises '#Panchamrit' to strengthen India’s climate commitment. Though many fastrack policies are coming up to adress this promise, there are 4 significant impediments that require urgent attention.

The first one is the #AirPollution menace. It's one of the biggest threats to India’s environment and is a serious impediment to economic development.

The management of #waste is the second issue. The challenge of growing garbage mountains is critical. Parliamentary reports suggest that by 2050, India will need 88 square kilometers of land for #wastedisposal.

The next significant barrier is #CoastalDegradation. Recent statistics indicate that 33% of India's coastline has eroded between 1990 and 2016.

The issue faced by reserve forests in India is the next big obstacle. Encroachment is a serious concern, given that reserve forests are as important as protected areas – for not just wildlife and biodiversity but people too.

If the proper action is implemented at the right time, Puducherry can serve as a model of how to address all four of these critical problems. The union territory of #Puducherry is a combination of four regions namely the Puducherry, Mahe, and Yanam regions. The Puducherry district, located on the Bay of Bengal's east coast, is renowned for its peace, calm, and high standard of living.

From threats to mangroves to issues of solid waste management, Puducherry is dealing with all these issues in a much more scientific way. We are honoured to partner with the Pondicherry Technical University, to help them advance their goals of conserving the critical ecosystem by the use of #carbontrading and #blockchaintechnology.

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