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Carbon Trading

Trading transparent and quality credits worldwide and empowering organisations to meet ESG or Net Zero goals through maximum social impact

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What is Carbon trading

A market-based system called carbon trading aims to lower greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide produced by the combustion of fossil fuels, which is one of the main causes of global warming. One tonne of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of another greenhouse gas reduced, sequestered, or avoided is equal to one trading carbon credit.:

Carbon finance will be critical to the implementation of the NDCs, and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement allows for the use of such market mechanisms. Due to the fact that 83 percent of NDCs express a desire to use global market mechanisms to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, interest in carbon markets is rising globally. If held to high standards of integrity and transparency, carbon markets can help accelerate the transformation needed, by effectively putting a price on pollution and creating an economic incentive for reducing emissions. They can also help generate some of the vast sums needed to build resilience.


We at OffsetGo provide huge range of carbon trading options ranging from sugarcane based, bamboo based, mangrove based, agricultural carbon, E-waste management based etc.  Our Life Cycle Assessment method is ISO 14044:2006 and  ISO 14040:2006 certified defining our high quality standards.

At OffsetGo we combine environment with tech solutions for feasible and efficient solutions. We aim to do this through blockchain technology and standards which are in complete alignment with the International standards.

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Our other services

OffsetGo offers Tech-based, Nature-based and Market-based solutions for organizations to achieve their climate goals and create a meaningful impact on the planet

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