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Offsetgo Mission
Offsetgo Vision


To establish market-based climate action as an economic opportunity for companies that is profitable, responsible and the only way forward for creating and growing a business


To create tech-based, nature-based and market-based infrastructure of the highest integrity to aid and engender global climate action in line with global climate goals.


It all started with innovational quest of our parent company Ye Prayas Pvt Ltd as a small R&D project with the hope of finding common solutions for Waste Management and Climate Change, Project Carburn unfurled its true potential in a matter of months. The initial goal was to incentivize e-waste recycling using carbon credits. But carbon credit in itself unfolded as a huge untapped market opportunity before us. We organized innovation labs where we collaborated with students of  top tier one engineering colleges across India. Session after session the idea became more and more potent, the immense benefits of carbon credits and huge gap in Indian carbon trading marketplace encouraged us to take this leap to create India’s first indigenous blockchain enabled carbon trading platform in par with the international contemporaries in the field of carbon credits. It was developed simultaneously with a team of experienced businessmen and a group of highly motivated young individuals creating the perfect condition for finding creative market-based solutions for Businesses in order to reach the ultimate goal of Net Zero.

As our idea and plan evolved, we took part in numerous national and international accelerator programs. Our conviction and clarity bagged us applause and big recognitions like Harvard Project of Asia 2021 and Celo Camp Startpup Pathway Mission Award 2021. We started of as a compact team guided by their passion and core skills in the field of environment and technology and we continue to grow with same enthusiasm with which we started.

Offsetgo Awareness campaign
Offsetgo Awareness campaign
Offsetgo Awareness campaign
Offsetgo Awareness campaign

Our Clients

Offsetgo Client - Nitto
Offsetgo Client - Thomson Digital
Offsetgo Partner - EKI energy
Offsetgo partner - Ye Prayas

Meet the Team

Offsetgo Advisor Sonjoy Mohanty


Sonjoy Mohanty

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Offsetgo Graphic Designer Harsh Khatana

Graphic Designer

Harsh Khatana

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Offsetgo Founder Viresh Keshri


Viresh Keshri

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Offsetgo HR head Surabhi Tripathi

Human Resource

Surabhi Tripathi

  • LinkedIn
Offsetgo Technology Lead Sushant Bhatia

Lead - Technology

Sushant Bhatia

  • LinkedIn
Offsetgo Product Manager Anjusha Keshri

Product Manager

Anjusha Keshri

  • LinkedIn
Offsetgo Business Alliance head Priya Sahoo

Business Alliance

Priya Sahoo

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