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Net-Zero Product

Rebrand your product to be with the current times, create an economical model for delivering a certified Net Zero Product- increasing your customer base and highlighting your commitment to the planet

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About Net-Zero Product

A net zero product is a product or service that has a neutral impact on the environment, meaning that its production and use does not contribute to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions and results in no net release of carbon into the atmosphere. This is achieved by reducing the product's carbon footprint through energy-efficient design, sourcing renewable energy, and offsetting any remaining emissions through activities such as planting trees. The goal is to balance the amount of carbon dioxide produced with the amount that is removed from the atmosphere, thus achieving a "net zero" carbon footprint.

OffsetGo is your one destination to achieve your Net Zero Goals. We provide cutomised services through our best in industry products to help you meet your targets. With CARBURN, a cutting-edge and industry-leading solution for thorough footprint calculation we aim to track every minute aspect of company’s carbon emission using our detailed surveys. We at OffsetGo provide huge range of carbon trading options ranging from sugarcane based, bamboo based, mangrove based, agricultural carbon, E-waste management based etc.  


Our Life Cycle Assessment method is ISO 14044:2006 and  ISO 14040:2006 certified defining our high quality standards. OffsetGo provides huge range of carbon credits under its inventory, where one can pick as per the suitability of their project. We help our clients from beginning to end, from framing their carbon policy to assessing their carbon footprints to drafting their Net Zero pathway, we move hand in hand like a true green companion you always wished for.

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Our other services

OffsetGo offers Tech-based, Nature-based and Market-based solutions for organizations to achieve their climate goals and create a meaningful impact on the planet

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