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Life-Cycle Assessment

A certified and comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact of your products.

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Life cycle assessment

Existence cycle assessment is a method for evaluating the environmental effects of all phases of a product's life, from the extraction of raw materials to their processing, manufacture, distribution, and consumption. We at OffsetGo channelize the expert knowledge to provide complete environmental map of the enterprise. Our protocols are on par with International standards which provides competitive advantage to our clients. Our Life Cycle Assessment method is ISO 14044:2006 and  ISO 14040:2006 certified defining our high quality standards.

At OffsetGo we combine environment with tech solutions for feasible and efficient solutions. Our carbon trading software is focussed to eliminate all redundant issues like double counting. We follow a well defined Life Cycle Assessment method which includes 4 major steps:

Goal and Scope establishes the size of the product life cycle that will be included in the assessment as well as the purpose of the assessment. In this stage, the criteria for system comparison and particular times are explained.

Stage 1

Inventory analysis describes the material and energy flows inside the product system at this stage, focusing on how those flows interact with the environment, how raw materials are consumed, and how emissions to the environment are produced. All significant processes, as well as auxiliary fluxes of energy and materials, are later explained.

Stage 2

Impact assessment uses information from the inventory analysis. In this stage, the indicator findings for each impact category are broken down, and the significance of each impact category is determined by normalisation and ultimately weighting.

Stage 3

Interpreting a life cycle entails critical evaluation, determining the sensitivity of the data, and presenting the findings.

Stage 4

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Our other services

OffsetGo offers Tech-based, Nature-based and Market-based solutions for organizations to achieve their climate goals and create a meaningful impact on the planet

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