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A one of a kind offering in the world, our marketplace enables both buyers and sellers to get the best price for their carbon credits.

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Trading Platform

Carbon trading platform is a marketplace where companies can buy and sell carbon credits. Carbon credits are units of permission to emit a certain amount of greenhouse gases, typically carbon dioxide. Companies that emit more than their allotted amount must purchase additional credits, while companies that emit less can sell their unused credits. The carbon trading platform provides a mechanism for companies to trade credits and helps to reduce emissions by providing a financial incentive for companies to lower their emissions.

More about Trading Platform

Most of carbon trading platforms currently in India use the outdated brokerage model which doen’t suit the global efficacy and efficiency standards. At OffsetGo we believe in the power of technology. Our upcoming online trading platform is a new age entity powered by blockchain technology, thus ruling out all the inefficacies of brokerage models like double counting. This is in par with global players of carbon trading and in many terms even ahead of them. We eye at the bright future of seamless carbon trading where buyers and sellers of carbon credits can have all available alternatives to their resort, thus enabling smooth transaction in nick of time.

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