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OffsetGo offers Tech-based, Nature-based and Market-based solutions for organizations to achieve their climate goals and create a meaningful impact on the planet

Offsetgo service for carbon footprint calculation

We offer an evaluation of an organization's carbon emissions , assisting businesses in connecting, analysing, and reducing GHG emissions and carbon footprint at every point along the value chain.

Offsetgo consultancy service for carbon mitigation and reduction

At OffsetGo we follow a very holistic path for emissions mitigation and reduction in complete alignment with international agencies like the SBTi (Science based Target Initiative

Offsetgo service for product life cycle assessment

Our protocols are on par with International standards which provides competitive advantage to our clients. Our Life Cycle Assessment method is ISO 14044:2006 and  ISO 14040:2006 certified defining our high quality standards.

Offsetgo service for ESG reporting

ESG analysis and reporting can offer insightful information and support the creation of long-term value for stakeholders. It can have a substantial effect on a company's financial indicators and help with investment decisions.

Offsetgo service for carbon project development

It is critical to cut emissions and decarbonize economies. We also plan to explore the major potential sources of carbon credits in India which includes renewable energy, waste processing, agriculture & afforestion

Offsetgo service for carbon trading

 we combine environment with tech solutions for feasible and efficient solutions. We aim to do this through blockchain technology and standards which are in complete alignment with the International standards.

Offsetgo service to develop Net Zero Product

A net zero product is a product or service that has a neutral impact on the environment. We provide customised services through our best-in-industry products

Offsetgo Membership service

Our program includes a carbon assessment to help you understand your carbon footprint and ways to reduce it

Carbon Credits we Deal in 

Buy carbon credits from us to offset your carbon footprint and support renewable energy projects. Environmentally-friendly solutions for a sustainable future.


We have 200+ partners in our Global Trading Network from all across the world bringing you diverse, flexible and quality options at best prices

Offsetgo Carbon Trading Network


We offer different packages for companies to provide them flexibility while choosing the service



This Package is for the companies the value long term sustainability gain or want to set up.


This Package is for the Companies who are first starting their sustainability journey, want to have the waters and have some Mandates on Sustainability.


This package is for the large companies having operation spreading over multiple verticals want to have a common impact base sustainability program and customize emission factors & execution strategy.


Offsetgo Carbon footprint calculator


CARBURN is a comprehensive software to calculate your organizational carbon footprint spread across Scopes 1, 2 & 3 in line with the GHG protocol and latest UN Mandates.

CARBURN functions with a unique set of surveys- capturing and managing vast amount of details from Employee based emissions to Management, Buildings as well as Value Streams to provide a streamlined strategy for mitigation and action

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A one of a kind offering in the world, our marketplace enables both buyers and sellers to get the best price for their carbon credits- with our team helping in ensuring quality, transparency and providing independent analysis of overall impact for accurate value determination for your credits. A wide range of credits from Agriculture, Forest, Marine, Waste, Energy and other domains are available at best prices so you can start your sustainability journey today.

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