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A holistic GHG Accounting tool for tracking the remotest of your emissions along with AI based analysis of your footprint for targeted action

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We have created CARBURN, a cutting-edge and industry-leading solution for thorough footprint calculation. There are three main survey kinds in it, Employee Survey, Building & Inventory Survey, and Management & Value Stream Survey. These surveys asks questions about a company's own value stream to  calculates holistic emissions of their full value stream, both upstream and downstream emissions in order to  formulate strategies for emission reductions. It includes even minor details like working from home. The fundamental goal of CARBURN is to help your business fulfill its potential for reaching net zero objectives


Employee Survey Form

Employees are atomic asset of any company and their actions contribute in all sorts of output, their individual carbon footprint when combined gives a larger perspective about a major chunk of company’s carbon footprint. We understand this very well and thus with our Employee Survey Form we make sure to take note of every minute detail. Be it their commute or eating pattern within organization or some other major lifestyle aspect with emission tracker of token employees. At OffsetGo we keep track of everything, enabling our clients to reap maximum benefit.

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Building & Inventory Survey

With our absolute focus on detail oriented accuracy we keep track of every aspect of company’s brick-mortar compound to their online facility, alongwith their backend inventories and their regulations. At this stage we also record the materials used, ventilation, heating or cooling system etc, therefore leaving behind no detail at all. This benefits our client hugely in achieving their net zero goals in an authentic manner.


Management & Value Stream Survey

We at OffsetGo believe in empowering our clients by enabling them to keep full track of their value stream. From upstream to downstream, evry movement withing operational overhead is noted in detail through our holistic survey questions. Emission figures at every stage of value creation within company enables  the management team to frame custom fit good policies to achieve their net zero goals.

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